head [adj] most important; chief arch, champion, first, foremost, front, highest, leading, main, pioneer, preeminent, premier, prime, principal, stellar, supreme, topmost; concepts 568,574 —Ant. auxiliary, inferior, lower, second, secondary, trivial, unimportant head [n1] top part of an animate body attic*, belfry*, brain, coconut*, cranium, crown, dome*, gray matter, noggin*, noodle*, pate, scalp, skull, thinker*, think tank*, top story*, upper story*, upstairs*; concept 392 —Ant. foot head [n2] leader boss, captain, chief, chieftain, commander, commanding officer, director, dominator, executive, honcho*, lead-off person*, manager, officer, president, principal, superintendent, supervisor, top dog*; concept 347 —Ant. follower head [n3] top part apex, banner, beak, bill, cap, cork, crest, crown, heading, headline, height, peak, pitch, point, promontory, streamer, summit, tip, vertex; concept 836 —Ant. bottom, end, rear head [n4] front, beginning commencement, first place, fore, forefront, fountainhead, origin, rise, source, start, van, vanguard; concepts 648,727 —Ant. conclusion, end, ending, finish head [n5] ability, intelligence aptitude, aptness, bent, brains, capacity, faculty, flair, genius, gift, intellect, knack, mentality, mind, talent, thought, turn, understanding; concepts 409,630 —Ant. ignorance, inability, stupidity head [n6] turning point acme, climax, conclusion, crisis, culmination, end; concept 832 head [v] manage, oversee address, be first, be in charge, command, control, direct, dominate, go first, govern, guide, hold sway over*, lead, lead the way*, pioneer, precede, rule, run, supervise; concept 117 —Ant. follow, obey

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